Actual CheapShark is all about bringing you the best deals on the best sharks! Are you tired of paying too much for your shark needs? We've got you covered! From Whale Sharks to White Sharks, and everything in between, we offer only the highest quality sharks, at the industry's lowest pricing!


Whale Shark

Although the biggest fish in the world, this shark is completely harmless to humans... we promise... probably!

78 reviews


Bull Shark

Yet another shark named after a completely different animal. Note - does not like the color red!

39 reviews


Lemon Shark

By far the freshest shark we offer, this will have your fish tank smelling great, although may raise the acidity level!

26 reviews


Megamouth Shark

Previously thought extinct, but now on sale! This shark has a bigger mouth than your cousin Jimmy...

42 reviews


Sand Shark

Little known fact, this shark eats only sand! Unfortunately, they don't seem to survive long in captivity...

7 reviews

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